Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Christchurch earthquake

on 4th of September disaster struck in Christ-church around at 4.35,a 7.1 earthquake hit Christchurch.183 people lost their lives in the earthquake.

The second earthquake happened in  in 2011 22 Feb ,around 164 people lost their lives .

Behind these earthquakes the reasons are that the earth has a rocky  layer which  is halved into big segments called plates.The plates move across the earth surface.The plates travels only a few centimetres a year.when the edges of the plates push together the pressure on the earth starts building up.So an earthquakes occurs when the crust around earth starts to move and on either side of the plates starts moving to the earth then it hits the ground and cause it to shake.

There has been many more earthquakes and many more deaths but its part of life.



  1. Wow Rhea now I no how earthquakes ate made and brilliant poem

  2. A clear description about the cause of earthquakes Rhea and a descriptive poem.
    I look forward to continuing to read more about your learning as you share it on this blog.

  3. Thank you Isabella and Mrs Jackson