Thursday, 11 June 2015

My chapter summaries

The Butterfly Lion

Chilblain Semolina Pudding
Chapter 1: In chapter 1-2 it tells us about a little boy named Bertie and how he had a dream to see a butterfly lion.

Strange Meeting
Chapter 2: Bertie is walking alone in the dark he ran away for boarding school now he is homeless until a woman stands in front of him and ask him questions and then takes him home and feeds him and ask him how is he alone on the road.

Chapter 3: In this part it tells us about where Bertie comes from and how his life has changed. When he came to Africa his parents said do not go out of the fence and thats when he saw a the lion and decided that no matter what happens he would go and see the lion.

Bertie and the Lion
Chapter 4: In this part it tells us how Bertie saw a lion and he keeps it and how his life changed.

Running Free
Chapter 5: Bertie was forced to sell his lion so that they could have some money they sold it to the circus.

The Frenchman
Chapter 6: In this part Bertie regrets selling the lion away and wants it back. So he went to the circus and gets him back.

Chapter 7: In this part bertie has run away from home and is leaving his Nanny Mason away and is hiding in trees and that's when a girl spotted him. This part  is continued in chapter 8.

And All's Well
Chapter 8: The part in chapter 7 is continued now. In this part it tells us about how Bertie meets Mille and they share their problems together and share their life secrets.

A Lot of Old Codswallop
Chapter 9:  In this chapter Millie tells what her dream was to be. She said she wanted to be a nurse in the war because her loved went to war and died and that was when she was young. She saw what war was like because she was there and she saw people dying right in front of her. When she went to the hospital she found this man who was in pain.That man was never loved or never cared so she decided she would be a nurse.

A White Prince
Chapter 10: Bertie can’t believe who he just he saw the white prince. He said to himself the time has come.

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