Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Piano

The Piano 

As I  play a cheerful tune on my grand Piano I suddenly started to have a flashback of all my memories and sorrow's. I felt like a person was touching on my back, I felt like someone close to me or even my soulmate was touching me.I looked back, there I saw her. She glazed into my eye's and kissed me goodbye.

Then I heard gun's shooting bang,bang bang I looked around to see what was going on I ran towards, suddenly a wall appeared in front of me,I saw myself  in my old army uniform shooting and then on the other side I saw my best mate Toby shooting then BANG it was the loudest gunshot  i have ever heard.My best mate Toby had fallen to the ground with nonstop blood coming out.An              H2O + NACL Tear splashed onto his face and he said to me you have been a good friend of mine now it is time for me to leave now good bye and breathed his last breath and sadly passed away. 

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