Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Essay about my career SURGEON

“To be a successful surgeon you need the eye of a hawk, the heart of a lion and the hands of a lady.’’(Doctor in the house 1954)
There are twenty two areas of surgery a surgeon can specialize in.
General surgeon is just one of these, and there are currently around seven hundred general surgeon in New Zealand.
So, what does a surgeon’s job involve, and what study is required to become a general surgeon?

There are many kinds of surgeon. A general surgeon's role is a mixture of some of the surgical procedures. A general surgeon’s duties include ; analysing and maintaining patients records, carrying out physical examinations to diagnose, completing care of critically ill patients, surgery involving the abdomen, breast, head, neck vascular system(veins), endocrine system (hormones) and surgical oncology (cancer). A general
surgeon may work in an emergency department, or on the surgical wards.

There is a lot of planning and preparation that a surgeon undertakes before planned surgery.This includes planning meetings with all surgeons and nurses involved in the surgery, examining the patient prior to surgery and analyzing results of x-rays, blood test, scams etc.Surgeries can range from short operations to many hours long-the longest surgery on record was a whopping 96 hours.The most common lengthy surgery is spinal cord surgery of 14 hours.

There are around seven hundred surgeons in New Zealand and surgeons are an integral part of the medical community.To become a surgeon takes a strong desire because the challenge of the profession can be quite great.

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