Thursday, 28 January 2016

My holiday in Twizel and Queenstown

My Trip to Twizel and Queenstown

In my holidays I went to Twizel and Queenstown .For one week we had gone to Twizel and stayed at my auntys house.

In Twizel we went to lake Tekapo and went to the hot spas there'There were slides and tubing for family it was so much fun. We also went fishing'Although we didnt catch a fish it was great fun.

We celebrated new years in Queenstown in the center city.While we were looking around we came across this creepy looking building it said fear factory with a creepy looking doll sitting across us with blood all over.We decide we would do it so Mum,Dad and I went in.

As soon as we went in it was pitch black there were a row of dolls laughing,To me they looked like little Annabells. Whlie we were walking these people with make up of ghosts and zombies were touching us and pulling our legs.

Mum was SO freaked out she would be looking every where to see no one would be touching us and Dad was so cool and calm he didnt really have a reaction to anything he was just smiling through outand me I was scared at times and calm but I would squeeze my da when I got scared and just closed my eyes.

When we came out there was bright light and ACTULLY humans standing in front of us.Then we recived and alums
with your face reactions on it,It was hilariously funny.

But I think we had the best holidays with the relaxing moments in the spas and tubing and had a thrilling moment at the fear factory.SO WE HAD THE BEST HOLIDAY.

Here is Mum,Dad and i freaked out and dad smiling 


Here us entering the house and I had the actually scary look