Monday, 1 February 2016

Fun Facts on Italy

Fun Facts About Italy 
Italy is a very colorful city with exotic foods and humorous people.
Italy's capital is Rome, the land of old ancients and the famous 

Famous foods of Italy
Famous foods from Italy are pizza,pasta,risottos spaghetti and 
lasagna, the cheesey stuff.Before there dinner, lunch or breakfast they always have these light snacks like olives and salads and something called cheesey bites.Italy is also famous for there 
different cheeses, cheeses like Parmesan,Mozzarella,Gorgonzola.

Acttractions and sightseeing in Italy
If you ever go to Italy some Attractions and sightseeing in Italy is the Famous Colosseum in Rome and the Florence cathedral in 
Florence.There is a list of places to go in Italy.But there is lots of litle towns and big city's like milan venice.So visit Italy       

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